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I know your time is valuable, so I’m just going to give you a quick description of this incredible program…

This calculator is a simple tool that provides powerful information.

  • Basically, it helps you work out the profit potential of any pay-per-click advertising campaign where you’re getting paid per sale or per lead. By filling in a few form fields, it will quickly calculate the estimated number of sales and total income you’ll make,
  • the total amount you’ll spend on advertising, the total profit (or loss) you’ll experience, the total profit (or loss) per click, and
  • the total percentage of profit per click.
  • Quickly and easily find out just how profitable (or costly) your pay-per-click advertising campaign will be.
  • Gives you the ability to know ahead of time what type of pay-per-click results you’ll achieve.
  • Fast and simple data analysis means you can accurately make any necessary adjustments based on your sales to visitor ratio.

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